Saturday, 29 November 2008

A Nation struggling with lawlessness

The siege of Mumbai has ended finally. The nation heaves a sigh of relief, but the scars are indelible. That these are not the first scars and will not be the last either (hope I am proved wrong on this last count) is a fact that every one of us have started to live with.

60 hours later and after the loss of over 200 lives, many questions have cropped up after the sustained terror attack on Mumbai. Some unanswered questions need to be answered.

How many terrorists were there? Who was responsible? How long have they been planning - months, weeks and days before the attacks? How could they have carried so much ammunition with them? How did they have such an intimate knowledge of the terrain? Were there locals? The terrorists are said to have done extensive reconnaissance of the city. If they are Pakistanis, how did they get earlier entry to the city unnoticed? How did they come in by boat? Or did they use other routes to escape notice?
These are just a few questions, these and more will have to be answered and addressed by the Government!

But one question that rankles me to no end is: Were there locals involved?

The terrorists seem to have had extensive training and preparation, possibly on models of the places of attack and on enduring a long drawn battle with the military forces – this gets me to have an emphatic YES as an answer to the question – Were there locals? For they could not have succeeded in the suicide mission with out local ground support.

But then Why? Why would locals get involved in killing innocent countrymen? Hunger? Unemployment? Lack of opportunity? Jingoistic strife?

It could be anything – what drives these youth to get involved. I tried deliberating and found no particular answer.

We are a nation of lawlessness; I am not referring just to the governments and politicians in power, but to every single citizen who takes ample pride in breaking the law.

In NO way I am being cynical about the state of affairs when I say “the administrators of this country have for ages have been breeding corruption in all walks of life.” The corruption has percolated deeply into the very roots of society that was once known to be the most simplistic and god fearing about a century ago (we continue to be god fearing – more for the CURE than as prevention). The levels of corruption wary with need and the need grows with every opportunity. There ceases to be no reason for the want to lessen.

As the initial fear of doing wrong subsides, the pattern turns an avocation, a habit that slowly gains in momentum and turns into an addiction. An addiction that brings with it fruits of long lasting pleasures. Thus is born a way of life – that which has its foundation laid on unlawfulness.

The Society is NOW in a ROTTEN state. A state of NO return, we are witness to corruption, from simple road rules to the complex laws, the loopholes are first studied and exploited. Here laws are THE exception. Responsibility towards the nation is unheard of, towards the self is waning, and towards the society comes with a price. A price laid down by the corrupt law-makers.

Almost every individual gets into the blame game, blame the civic authorities, the government, the employers, the society at large and the recklessness of life – the basic fact is, each one of us are equally to be blamed – for we have contributed our might to the growth of the current filth.

Self introspection is the key – No amount of debates and discussions, blaming the media, the politicians, the law, the law enforcement agencies, the booming population can bring solution to this rut.

As the search for the answers continue – more seemingly gullible youth will fall prey to easy money unaware of the consequences, and even if aware – fall prey to the luster that brings with it presumptive prosperity - This malady needs a permenant cure.

A silent prayer for the innocent victims and a Salute to the scores of policemen, commandos and the unsung firemen.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Running out of patience and endurance

"... We will take the strongest possible measures to ensure that there is no repetition of such terrorist acts. We are determined to take whatever measures are necessary to ensure the safety and security of our citizens...."

- Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Mr. Manmohan Singh

Terrorists have again selected Mumbai as their base to spread terrorism.
It is very disgusting to see the terrorist striking the cities at will and at regular frequencies. Every time the leaders have some improbable explanation.. One thing that comes out loud and clear time and again is the exposure of the vulnerability of our intellgence system.

Hope the Prime Minister and the "Political" Administration keeps their promise to "take the strongest possible measures to ensure that there is no repetition of such terrorist acts" - For the people of this country are fast running out of patience and endurance.
24 hrs and the gun battle still rages on in Mumbai!

More on this sooon....! Until then - Pray! The Situation comes back to normalcy.

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