Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Dare Not Defy this Ban

Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Anbumani Ramadoss has promised to impose a ban on smoking in public places from October 2 this year. He says, "An act on no smoking in public places has been brought out by the Centre two-and-a-half years ago, but it remained only on paper. Now, we have made a modification in the already enforced rule, and from October 2, 2008, the modified rule will be enforced strongly across the country,"

As per the revised rules, smoking is banned in shopping malls, cinema halls, public/private work place, hotels, banquet halls, discotheques, canteen, coffee house, pubs, bars, bus stands, airport lounge, railway stations",

According to the newly notified rules, owners, proprietors, managers, supervisors or officers in-charge of public places have to ensure that “no ashtrays, matches, lighters or other things designed to facilitate smoking are provided in public places”. In case they fail to implement the ban, the authorised officer shall be liable to pay fines equivalent to the number of individual offences that take place in areas under his or her jurisdiction.

Those caught smoking in these "public places" will be fined Rs 200 and the amount is likely to be increased to Rs 1,000 in the future. Organisations, which allow employees to smoke within their building premises, will in turn have to pay Rs 5,000 per employee caught smoking.

The Exemption
Smokers' only refuge would be the road or parks. Now why this exemption - As if these places aren't all that polluted already?
Like a wag said: "Cigarette peene walon ko toh Road par la diya"

If Draconian refers to the laws created by Draco, an Athenian law scribe under whom small offenses had heavy punishments! Then is this Ramadoss-ian?

I would love to see this law implemented in full just like the many successful Road Rules (helmets, seatbelts, Drunken driving, juvenile driving, lane discipline etc etc) / Anti Corruption Laws / law barring candidates with criminal records from contesting elections / The Dowry act / Child Labour / ... well the list may be endless and a few hundreds more of such that have been implemented strictly first by the law makers before passing it on to the common man.

I am trying NOT to be cynical or indifferent...!

I said.... I am........ Trying...!!!

Monday, 15 September 2008

People's Verdict: A Joke...!

Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil has presided over blast after serial blast and has seemed as clueless as the man on the street, he has helplessly watched the Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bombay, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Delhi blasts and countless other incidents.

Among his other (in) famous claim to fame is the famous quote on how if political parties are demanding the hanging of Afzal Guru for his conviction in the December 13, 2001 Parliament attack case then India would lose the right to ask Pakistan to pardon Sarabjit Singh.
Patil said, “People are saying that don’t hang an Indian in Pakistan, Sarabjit and then are demanding hanging of a Pakistani, Afzal Guru…this is not fair”. (Well Afzal Guru is not a Pakistani. That the Union Home Minister was not even aware of the basic facts of the case is inexcusable.)

Even as the Union Railway Minister stops short of asking for Patil's head and then does a U-turn in saying "Patil's resignation no solution to terror", we are left wondering why this unique poverty of political acumen in this nation...?
In the first place how did the learned Prime Minister INSULT the people's verdict by installing some one who was rejected by the popular vote as the country's Home Minister.

Was he not the one who was rejected by the majority in his "home" town Latur in 2004 and subsequently after being sworn in as Union Minister filed his nomination papers for the Rajya Sabha to legitimate his appointment?
What else do you expect from the rulers of this country who are Losers in the first place and who are mute spectators in safeguarding the Nation.

Well said Lalu: "Patil's resignation no solution to terror" - For another joker will take his place and the 'Gandhi sycophants' will sings paeans to the "secular" ideology of the new recruit and his loyalty to the family...!

As you and me are left wondering - Why DO we need to Vote? For Change?

- To Hell with Change...! Who Cares two hoots...!

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