Saturday, 14 November 2009

20 years since I was 20

… For I too believe

Cricket is Religion


Sachin Tendulkar is God…!

I was in my twentieth year and my final year in college, it was mid week and I had bunked classes to watch Test cricket on Doordarshan… He was barely 16 and played just 24 balls in his first innings… I was not alone in predicting a long innings from him…

November 15, 1989 - Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar had arrived
An Inspiration for a lifetime

... not just that innings… I have watched almost every innings in his illustrious 20 year career, and pray we watch many more from this batting genius.

Today as he completes 20 years in International cricket, having conquered many a statistical milestone, I write this ode to a person who has been an inspiration for a generation and more and I have one thing to proclaim, like millions of others in this country and across the world – I am THE biggest Sachin Tendulkar fan of them all.

Today in my 40th year, I am proud to have journeyed 20 years with his career and have seen many cricketing ups and downs and in all these years never once have I had one word of negativity for the idol, who not just inspired cricketers but made every day lives more pleasant with his achievements that only got better by the day.

The days I have squirmed in sleep over his missed centuries, the bitter fights with friends and colleagues over why Sachin is the Greatest and how Sachin never played for records, but records continued to happen are just too many to be recorded here.

Barring few minor incidents, one cannot remember any on field behaviour or off field tantrums from the little master, that have blotted even the greatest like the Don or SMG’s career and that is the humility of the person which needs to be emulated by the present generation, of not just cricketers, but everyone in general life

I have admired the positive attitude that stemmed from his exemplary on field presence and has made my life one that has been what it is today – one that has discipline written all over.

Even as I am tempted to reel off the statistics, greatest innings, best shots, wonderful moments, disappointments and phenomenal achievements and not to forget the innumerable records... I just have this to say... my half life was memorable thanks to you.

I wear my patriotism on my sleeve and carry the national flag in my
wallet always… inspired by the greatest Indian sportsman ever.

Pray! May you continue set standards for the world to follow in cricket and off it.

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