Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Please keep your 'bakchodi' private

Disclaimer: My views in this article are not an indication of my leanings with any political ideology, religious thought or otherwise, but purely as a very forward thinking, positive INDIAN individual who respects the freedom of others as much as they should be within the limits of decency.

There has been much brouhaha from the so called pseudo-forward thinking individuals who have been cribbing to no end over the past eight odd months since a new government has been in place in India. About everything that has been their nurtured culture at home but which when practiced openly has been a cause of concern because it goes against the ‘secular fabric’. Well agreed you don’t like the Gayatri mantra or the Saraswati Vandana be recited in schools, you don’t want the Surya namaskarams and the Yoga pranayams being popularized by a ‘popularly’ elected Government. Agreed you feel it is the ‘right’ of an artist to run roughshod the gods, goddesses and practices of the majority religion because Freedom of Expression must be allowed to practice. Agreed you go over the top shouting from rooftops when the minority religion or its practitioners are painted black in a film maker’s artistic expression as it is against the ‘secular thread’ and Freedom of Expression is taken too far.

What baffles me is your outrageous support of the filth that is being spread in the name of ushering in openness and freedom of expression, albeit westernised.

Call me conservative, call me old-school, call me hypocrite, call me OLD or whatever… as what you call your parents… Today I am a father of a teenage daughter, but I haven’t changed a bit from my own teenage days…

I come from the city of Hyderabad which is known for its liberal usage of the choicest of expletives quite native to this region and very popular among all age groups (no youth or old talk here, everyone has the twang when they speak the language). But the point is as much as I have been an orator of sorts of the brilliant filthy vocabulary, I have been a strict practitioner of the same in private. I have been a vociferous promoter of abstinence of bad language in public, in the midst of elders and above all women and children.

While conceptually a paid audience of four thousand has every right to listen to their share of expletive ridden sarcastic roasting of individuals in the garb of ‘healthy’ humour in a closed auditorium, the spread of this malady as ‘art’ through world-wide-web, which is easily accessible by all and sundry is not something that needs to be applauded.

More so, when the content is full of not just expletives but pornographic acts - drama induced sexual innuendos and crass behavior of celebrities who are looked upon as idols by the younger generation (read teenagers).

If you think denying you your daily dose of such filthy edgy entertainment is “khaak achche din” so be it. "Not your cup of tea.. don't drink it!!" is agreed.. but why do you drink Your tea in public and in the nude?!

The nation built on better morals stay better, don’t get induced to be roasted in public and cry foul selectively.


Raviteja said...

well said sir!!

Srinath Iyer said...

Clap clap clap this applause are from many and me who share your thoughts which you have penned down so well. I agree once again clap clap

Deepak said...

Some formats work and some formats don't, for some people. But after having seen worse, more offensive material in the hours and hours of TV and movies I have seen, I think overall, the AIB Roast was taken more seriously than it should be. While I agree with some of your points, I am not in favor of banning (or taking it down) the videos altogether. There are loads of things that do not comply with our value system, all we need is being a little more open minded about them. Or still better, just ignore them. All insults were lashed out between consenting people. While I respect your thoughts, I respectfully differ.

P.S.: If you see roast of Charlie Sheen or any other Hollywood star, (search on YouTube), this one will look like Aastha TV.

Anand Natarajan said...

Well articulated. And I hope this is the beginning of your consistent writing form which has been upsy downsy for sometime now!
Agree with you in parts. Using expletives in public is not a style statement but reflects poor upbringing. I don't condone it in private either but then....sigh! I didn't like the tea and didn't drink it either. FoE is a subjective. Where does my FoE end and where does your nose start. Freedoms come with 'reasonable' restrictions. I believe the sane act when confronted with these issues is to take a recourse of law who I believe are the final destination for any arbitration. Rather than threats of violence, actual resorting to violence or arbitrary banning under the ruse of 'law & order' From Rushdie to Vishwaroopam to Ramanjuam's Ramayan, I am I believe colour blind.
PS: Please check the settings of your blog for mobiles. Very cumbersome view on my handsets both Nokia and BB.

Me Inc said...

Well written Anna!

Sudha said...

It is sad. "AIB"...why even go there.....the young and restless who are around us are so used to cuss words. The F and B words are so common in their vocabulary these days. Thankful that we are old school and still speak the British English that we studied.

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